Illustrated Recipe Party

I like taking part in illustrated competitions. It's a great way to challenge myself, and I feel a little excitement, although the outcomes of winning or not is not so important to me.
So I was all 'YES YES YES' when I saw illustrated competition at one of my very liked websites : They Draw & Cook. The challenge is to introduce how you can prepare 1 ingredient in 3 ways and it is a part of a campaign to eliminate food waist.
So here are my 2 propositions. Oranges and Apples. Juicy team.

You can see my submissions in here:

Which one to choose?

I think I mentioned in my last post, that I have two little babies in my life now, who are now 3 month old. Little Tom and little John. Well... not so little anymore, as they are growing at crazy rate. Living between Tunisia now and Poland, I didn't have really a chance to get my act together and prepare proper nursery room for them. I am going to fix it now, and a cosy, fun nursery room will pop up in my Polish house :)
I would like to paint mural on the wall. What it will be? Nature of course. 
But here is the question: Which of my two designs should I choose?
Polish forest and it's animals - something close to my heart, or fun, adventure Africa? (something my husband insists on).
All suggestions welcome!
I will be in Poland in March, painting the chosen one, and I will be posting my work in progress.

Polish forest

African jungle and savannah

ZOO in the rain

These are few fruits of my collaboration with polish writer Agnieszka Borowiecka. She writes stories and poems for therapies for children. And they are just lovely. I won't translate them from polish into english though ... I wish I could! 

zoo in the rain

black sheep

proud magpie

Princes and a Pea

Here is my first update in 2014.
It looks like it will be productive beginning of the year. 
I have two book projects on the horizon, both in the US. I am very excited and can't wait to post some updates here as soon as I can. One of them will have plenty of dog pictures!

And here are some illustrations samples for app 'Princess and a Pea', which I have been asked to prepare by one of publishers. Simple rhymes and simple images that look like a doll's theatre.

Tom & John :: Sudden change in my life

So it just happened. Little Tom and little John are a part of my life now. They are sweet and bouncy.
They are super busy with eating and even more with sleeping. Everyone says first few months are the most difficult, but I managed to make this little illustration of them. (Mainly thanks to my parents who are helping so much).

Freetown :: They Draw & Travel

Freetown is the first place I am drawing for this super fun website: They Draw & Travel. As a travelling illustrator how could I not contribute? 
Freetown, where I spent 3 years of my life, is a special place for me. The illustration here might be a little idealistic, but that's how I remember it now: full of colour, beautiful nature and landscapes. Women vendors with huge baskets on their heads, dressed in most colourful and vibrant dresses, stunning white sand beaches, blue skies (with eagles swirling high above your head). Banana and mango trees growing everywhere. My special place, Tacugama - rehabilitation centre for chimpanzees rescued from captivity, where I used to volunteer as a graphic designer. 
There are many things I didn't fit onto my illustration - crazy busy streets of the city centre, poda-podas (mini bus taxis) and okadas (motorcycle taxis), poor shantytown houses built from corrugated iron. But maybe I’ll do a second version with a different perspective, for now here it is: my Freetown. Capital of Sierra Leone in West Africa.